About Me

So you’ve stumbled across this little island in the swirling depths of the internet and I bet you’re wondering who or what is Sao Til?

For a life long Doctor Who fan, Sao Til is the person or rather alien who made my dreams come true. Travel back to 2009 and I was in a competition on John Barrowman’s Tonight’s the Night TV show on BBC1. Essentially it was a show where John granted the performance wishes of fans and the general public. At the time he was a big name and mainstay in Doctor Who and a lot of people contacted the show to ask to be involved in Doctor Who in some way.

The producers decided to create an Tonight’s the Night Alien Superstar competition. Open to adults only, you had to create a costume and fill in an application including the name and back story for the character. The finalists were then brought to the BBC and went through a series of challenges to win the coveted prize of starring along side John on the TARDIS as your very own character.

That was me.

So here I am today, older but not much wiser, talking about Doctor Who and anything else that takes my fancy. I hope you enjoy my blog and the journey through time and space. Oh and if you want to know a little bit more about my alter ego, have a look at the page dedicated to him.