About Sao Til

Sao Til

Who or what is Sao Til?

The initial idea for Sao Til began with that of a hunter, something that captures other creatures but not for food, for profit instead.

I wanted to convey that these aliens were intelligent with a grasp of technology and a sense of style.

The name Sao Til and the alien race of the Aminopius is in fact an anagram of the latin words Animus Spoliatio which means soul robbing.


Aminopia is a small dar desolate rock of a planet.  The land has been stripped bare by generation after generation of Aminopius processing, until only the great Factories of the Aminopius remain.

Scattered across the planet like cities, these giant factories process the creatures (both whole and in pieces) that the Aminopius capture.  They prepare the merchandise for dispatch to clients across the galaxy.

Alien Powers

Aminopius are expert hunters.  They have enhanced senses allowing them to detect the slightest movement by sound and smell or taste the slightest changes in the air.

The neural probe attached to their arm allows them to paralyse their prey.  They use this to also scan their prey to make an instant inventory of it’s body to find out how much each part of the body is worth on the open market.  This probe can also be used to vaporise the prey, with it’s nutrients being absorbed as food.

Alien Weaknesses

The Aminopius have poor eyesight.  If you overload their other senses they become confused and disorientated.

The hold of the neural probe can be broken by clearing your mind of all conscious thought.

What would they do with Earth?

The Aminopius would create a brand new processing factory on Earth and began selling the living and dead creatures of the Earth piece by piece, starting with the humans.