Fight Factory Wrestling - Boiling Point

Fight Factory Wrestling – Boiling Point Review

Fight Factory Wrestling brought it’s show back to the Engine Shed in Lincoln on Sunday October 1st for Boiling Point. The event was a two show presentation, with a family show in the afternoon and an adults only show in the evening.

This was my first chance to see the 18+ version of FFW so I jumped at the chance to attend. Fight Factory Wrestling is what you’d expect from a regional promotion in the UK. It has a gathering of local talent at the core of it’s roster and it compliments this with the sharing of talent from elsewhere in the UK. As well as occasionally bringing in bigger names from the UK such as Magnus and Bram.

I have only recently been following the promotion. Drawn in by the chance to see Magnus (big fan!) compete a few months ago, it is fair to say I have been a FFW convert ever since. I now try and attend as many of their events as I can.

The Engine Shed allowed FFW to bring out their full production with a stage, big screen, ramp and full PA. This definitely added to the atmosphere as the evening had a big match feel to it, rather than the more intimate house show feel to their other events. There was a sizeable crowd in attendance and they were rowdy to say the least. As the night went on and the beer flowed certain members became highly entertaining.

At the start of the event they showed a quick video recap of what happened during the afternoon show. It looked like mostly the same talent in different matches. From what I could tell no titles changed hands and the only noticeable absentee was DDI, which I shall come on to later.


Boiling Point – The Card

  • Edward Ripper vs Nathan Cruz
  • Kip Sabian vs Brett ‘Magic’ Myers (FFW Junior Heavyweight Championship)
  • Will Kroos vs Gabriel Kidd
  • Matt Myers vs Robbie X
  • FFW Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing
  • Mr Simmons and Jamie Sparx vs Flex Buffington and Eliza Roux
  • DDI vs Dale Preston (FFW European Championship)


Edward Ripper vs Nathan Cruz

In the short time that I have been following FFW Edward Ripper, the current holder of the FFW Academy Championship, is slowly becoming a big favourite amongst the fans. One half of the insanely popular tag team Steamy Windows with DDI, Ripper is a big character in his own right and is always entertaining in the ring.

It took me until after the match to realise where I had seen Nathan Cruz before. I have just subscribed to Progress Wrestling’s on demand service and Cruz was in the first match I saw from one of their events. He certainly has the polish and look of someone who has experience of wrestling both in the UK and the US. So it was nice to see him bringing his talent to FFW.

This was a good opening match. Cruz’s heel banter and the nonchalant face persona of Ripper entertained the crowd well. It was a good back and forth encounter that went for at least 15 minutes with some really nice near fall action towards the end. Cruz ultimately got the victory, but it was a good showing from Ripper who continues to develop in the ring. He lost nothing from the loss to an experienced opponent.

Kip Sabian vs Magic Myers (FFW Junior Heavyweight Championship)

Brett ‘Magic’ Myers is an interesting character. I have seen him mainly portrayed as comic relief, especially when he carries his tiny championship belt and rule book to the ring. But he also has the potential to be a good underdog when he’s serious and this was a serious encounter with Kip Sabian.

Whilst I’d seen Magic a few times now I hadn’t seen Sabian in a match for Fight Factory yet, but he turned out to be great. A really good fully rounded cocky heel character with the moves and looks to boot.

This match was very entertaining with a lot of fast offence and good spots. I thought Magic was going to get the win here especially with the near falls at the end. Sabian prevailed after a neat kick to the balls. I hope FFW decide to go with Magic and an underdog as I really thing they could build a decent run with him and the right opponent.

Will Kroos vs Gabriel Kidd

Naughty Fight Factory. There was a serious injury to one of the debutants for this show, Bubblegum. They replaced him with Visage during the day time show and announced on their Facebook page that there was a surprise addition to the card for the evening show. They posted a Bullet Club picture with this announcement.

Now the educated amongst us thought we were going to see Marty Scurll. The only UK member of the group is Scurll so he was the most likely candidate given his connections to UK wrestling.

The Bullet Club entrance music and video played whilst Kroos waited in the ring but it then cut to Gabriel Kidd’s. The audience were a little confused and there was little or no reaction to Kidd.

Still it was a relatively good match. Kroos is the rising star of FFW and he continues to dominate matches and he picked up the win. Kroos has recently alligned himself with D.A Mills, so I need to really find out what the reason was for this other than being his mouthpiece.

Matt Myers vs Robbie X

I wasn’t expecting much from this match if I’m honest, however it turned out to be pretty good.

Matt Myers (I’m not sure if he’s related to Magic) looks a lot like Sammy Zayn and was getting a lot of complementary chants from the crowd. Robbie X was impressive and from what I understand an ex Fight Factory Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

This turned out to be a long match with some hard hitting action and some high flying moves both in and out of the ring. As well as the Zayn tribute, the crowd were all over Robbie and he responded well. I think this was a running theme of this show, certainly a lot of crowd interaction.  Robbie X eventually get the win and showed his displeasure to the fans on the way out.

FFW Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing

The big contract signing. Dutch puts his FFW Heavyweight Championship on the line against Will Kroos at Bodyslams to Cancer on October 29th. This feud has been going on for some time now and the build has been getting very good. We saw a taster of what to expect at BSTC at FFW Retibution in August where these two squared off to determine the stipulation from the match. I think it was decided as being a no disqualification match with weapons or something like that.

The officials set up the obligatory table in the ring and Will Kroos and D.A Millls faced Dutch and Ms Rebecca. This was a talkie segment. The alcohol oiled crowd lapped up some of the promos and were all over D.A Mills. Contract signed you just knew someone was going through that table and it ended up being Dutch.

Kroos looks impressive going into this match and I really can’t see him losing.

Mr Simmons and Jaime sparx vs Flex Buffington and Eliza Roux

This was certainly the funniest match of the night and also a great mixed tag too. It looked like there were some shenanigans that went down on the day time show that led to this one.

Mr Simmons has a rather old school teacher gimmick complete with blazer, tie and glasses. Simmons was the unfortunate recipient of some of the most comedic crowd chants of the night, centred around his relationship with Jamie Sparx, most of which I can’t repeat here.

I really rate Eliza Roux, she’s still green, but displays great determination in the ring with a good look to boot. I was super impressed by the women’s cage match Eliza participated in at the FFW event in August. Flex is comedy relief for sure and was paired well in this match. But did we need to see a little too much of him at the end of the match? *shudders*

During the match the mixed tag rule book got confused. Rather than men completing against men and women against women it became a free for all with everyone against each other. Kind of worked and they certainly got some reactions for Simmons vs Eliza. The faces got the win despite the crazy rules. Sparx was impressive too, maybe they’ll go for a triple threat Women’s Championship match at Bodyslams to Cancer.

Dale Preston vs Edward Ripper (FFW European Championship)

DDI aka Dishonourable Dave Issac going into the main event was the current holder of the Fight Factory Wrestling European Championship. Prior to the event DDI had reported on Facebook that he was injured and Ms Rebecca announced at the start of this match that he couldn’t compete. This meant that DDI also had to vacate the title and Ms Rebecca was obligated to give it to Dale Preston.

Thankfully there was a twist. DDI was allowed to select Preston’s first opponent for that night, Edward Ripper! A predictable but nice twist considering they are BFFs in the tag team Steamy Windows.

What followed was an epic match, the best I’ve seen in Fight Factory Wrestling. Good back and forth action both inside and outside the ring. Near falls galore that the crowd were well into. Some major spots such as Preston being launched into the fifth row, he’s a big guy you know!

The rulebook went out of the window towards the end. A masked Agency goon rushed to the ring and delivered an RKO and F5 to Ripper right in front of the referee. Nevertheless he kicked out of everything thrown at him including Dale’s Vader Bomb on to a chair. Moments later Ripper landed a chair assisted spear for the victory.

Once again this was an awesome match and a very worthy main event. I’m really pleased for Ripper as he deserved the win. Here’s hoping DDI gets back to the ring soon, as just imagine the epic battle he could have with Ripper in order to try and get the title back. If you’re reading this FFW, best out of 5 series maybe?

Fight Factory Wrestling - Edward RipperOverall this was an excellent show. From the events I have been to so far Fight Factory Wrestling can deliver, whether it be family focused or ones for the adults. They have a talented group of local wrestlers and it is hard to believe some of them have only been wrestling for a short time. Especially when they can hang with some of the more seasoned talent they bring in.

I am thoroughly looking forward to Bodyslams to Cancer. Boiling Point has set the bar very high but I am sure they can beat this.

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