Mae Young Classic LogoMae Young Classic episode 2 built on a good opener and introduced yet more talented women. This is the point in the tournament where you started to see some of the more recognisable talent from around the world. As well as them there were a few surprises too. Some really good young talent has been waiting in the wings from the WWE Developmental roster and this is the point where they started to shine

Two former TNA talents, a seasoned professional from the independent scene and a second generation superstar. These were just some of the competitors in this second episode of the first round matches. WWE once again delivered some cracking promo vignettes for each of the women competing in this round. So if you didn’t know them before the Mae Young Classic, you got an idea of who they were before they made their way to the ring.

Episode 2 – The Card

  • Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li
  • Marti Belle vs Rachel Evers
  • Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas
  • Sarah Logan vs Mia Yim

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li

Mae Young Classic - Mercedes Martinez vs Xia LiThe veteran versus the newcomer. I have already admitted I didn’t know many of the wrestlers involved in this tournament, I did recognise Mercedes whoop. So I had a hunch that she would win this one, which of cause she did. Mercedes was also one of my picks for the tournament at this point as well. You have got to admire her no nonsense, arrogance in the ring. So comfortable yet so dangerous.

Not taking anything away from Xia Li though. She has a unique look plus entrance and threw some impressive vicious kicks during the match. I good spell with WWE Developmental could quite easily produce another stand out star of the women’s division in Li in the not so distant future.

Marti Belle vs Rachel Evers

Mae Young Classic - Marti Belle vs Rachel EversThis match was a little awkward. I’m not sure if Evers and Belle were a little mismatched, they just didn’t seem to click.

Marti Belle was formerly a member of The Dollshouse in TNA and according to rumours was supposed to have got the win here. However this was switched at the last minute. You could argue that this was the reason we got such a disjointed match.

I warmed up to Rachel Evers. I wasn’t expecting to but I think she has a great look and has got some legit strength behind her from her power lifting background. She is another one from this tournament I would like to see back in the WWE at some point.

Rhea Ripley vs miranda salinas

Mae Young Classic - Rhea Ripley vs Miranda SalinasRhea Ripley, wow! Seriously, she’s only 20 years old but already exudes so much confidence in the ring. Her look is a WWE booker’s dream. She is just under 6 foot tall with great athleticism, I seriously can’t wait for her to debut on WWE TV proper.

Poor Miranda Salinas was a little out gunned in this match. I actually liked her character too in what little we saw of her. It was a shame to see Miranda  go out but Rhea Ripley was always going over in this one.

Sarah Logan vs Mia Yim

Mae Young Classic - Sarah Logan vs Mia YimWWE are two for two here. Another great match to end this episode of the Mae Young Classic. This was hard hitting, with superb back and forth action from Mia and Sarah.

Mia Yim is another graduate of TNA whilst Sarah Logan is already with the WWE and has been seen on NXT.

They put on a school of wrestling with submissions, hard kicks and head butts. It was intense and so much fun to watch.

Mia Yim moved on to face Shayna Bazler, which would prove to be an intriguing follow up to this match.

After watching episode one of the Mae Young Classic. I did think that they were saving some of the more talented individuals for the later matches. Yup, this episode proved that theory. Mercedes Martinez, Mia Yim and the awesome Rhea Ripley. From their first round performances, all of these women had the potential to win the tournament. Oh and did I mention how good Rhea Ripley was?