Mae Young Classic LogoMae Young Classic episode 3, the debut of Dakota Kai yay! Dakota was my instant favourite after seeing her in the pre-tournament show. To start with she is from New Zealand which is an awesome place in the world. But she also has a plucky attitude that kind of reminds me of NXT Bayley but with a bit more of an edge. Mainly because she could quite easily kick someone’s head off, which is always a good skill to have.

This episode had an international feel to it. England, Australia, India, New Zealand and Scotland were all represented. For me it was also interesting to note that there were more Scottish wrestlers in the whole tournament than English.

Episode 3 – The Card

  • Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm
  • Kavita Devi vs Dakota Kai
  • Bianca Belair vs Sage Beckett
  • Santana Garrett vs Piper Nevin

Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm

Mae Young Classic - Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm

You’d expect that my loyalties would have gone to Ayesha Raymond as she was from the UK. However, once again in this tournament another unknown competitor blew me away. Toni Storm, the southern hemisphere has produced another amazingly good wrestler here. Such a unique look and bucket loads of charisma marked her out as definitely one to watch.

Raymond, I’ll have to admit didn’t really do much for me. It was good performance but that was about it. I actually thought she would go over to begin with but knowing Toni Storm’s pedigree now, I realise she was always going to win.

Dakota Kai vs Kavita Devi

Mae Young Classic - Dakota Kai vs Kavita DeviDakota Kai, the debut of #TeamKick. As you would expect I was really looking forward to this match.

It was an interesting pairing. Kavita Devi was very green but showed some impressive power throughout the match. Kai came over as the underdog for most of the encounter and sold well for her opponent.

All it took was for one vicious kick and the tide turned for Dakota Kai. I can’t get over how impressive her kicks are as well as with the double stomp (Coup de Grace) finisher. A great win for Dakota Kai and I was more than happy she moved on to the next round.

Bianca Belair vs Sage Beckett

Mae Young Classic - Bianca Belair vs Sage BeckettSage Beckett was formley Rosie Lottalove from WCW days of old. Whilst Bianca Belair has come from an athletic background which she showcased.

This was a hard hitting affair and both women gave a really good performance. It was hard to predict who was going to win. You’d hardly remember who Sage Beckett was compared to her previous persona, she has come on leaps and bounds since coming out of retirement. Bianca came over as a powerhouse and in a kind of way, reminded me of Kurt Angle.

Bianca Belair went over, but it was a good all round performance by both and yet another entertaining match.


Mae Young Classic - Piper Niven vs Santana GarrettSantana Garrett has been on NXT a few times and I was pleased to see she was included in this tournament. Piper Niven was touted as being a rising star from Japan and yet another UK star whoop.

I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect from this match. But this was another cracker and I wish it could’ve gone on longer. Santana should have a contract with WWE there’s no doubt about that. Piper was a complete surprise and thoroughly deserved her victory.

The WWE are 3 for 3 with Mae Young Classic episode final matches being great.

Once again the Mae Young Classic delivered on showcasing some awesome wrestling talent and producing some great matches. I think this was my favourite episode of the first round, Not just because of Dakota Kai. But also because of being introduced to Toni Storm and for the final match, which has possibly been the best so far.