Star Wars - The Last Jedi - Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The Last Jedi split fandom down the middle. Some people really liked it and for others it ruined their childhood. I actually quite liked it.

I appreciate some people were not happy with the way the writers and director developed the overall canon of the Star Wars universe. But I thought what they did right was to focus on the future whilst not dwelling on the past.

My review for my YouTube channel was supposed to only be 10 minutes. However, there was so much to talk about that it went way beyond that. So rather than have you sit through over half an hour of my jabbering on about the film. I split my video review into 3 parts, or rather 3 episodes. I gave them novel titles too, for no real reason, just because that’s what George would’ve done.

The Reviews

Episode One – The Phantom Disney

This is Episode I. In this one I discuss the three main characters from this new trilogy of films Rey, Finn and Poe. I also look at the main premise of the movie, which was very simple.

Episode Two – Attack of the Fan Theories

Here I take a look at Kylo Ren, Snoke and the massive twist type shock that happened between with those two. Super Leia makes an appearance. I also look at the intriguing notion that we have seen the last of the Jedi vs Sith.

Episode Three – Revenge of the Skywalker

Here I tackle the big one….how they handled Luke Skywalker. Many fans felt Luke was treated very badly in this film. I actually thought his journey was portrayed very well. Yes there were a few issues but overall I approve of Luke’s outing in this movie.

It is great when a movie splits opinion because you get some heated debates on the subject. It is also good when something challenges what you think you know and understand about a fandom and it’s canon. Yes it can be frustrating when an established fandom is tinkered with (think War Doctor). Yet this can sometimes keep things fresh and set the stage for the future. I feel this is what they did with Star Wars, planning for the future. They have a bit to go yet to get to a Marvel style planning excellence for their movies. However, The Last Jedi has set them up nicely for Episode IX and beyond.

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